General Info

General Info

Information and General Guidelines


St. Anthony Retreat Center offers the services of an on-site Catholic Chaplain. The Chaplain is usually available during the day for pastoral counseling and/or sacrament of reconciliation. Arrangements for retreat services by the Chaplain must be made during the time of reservations. A stipend suggestion for Chaplain services is listed on the current fee rate form.

Priority for Reservations

St. Anthony Retreat Center accepts reservations according to the following priority:

Ministries/Programs of the Sacred Hearts Congregation Churches in the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu *

Ministries sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu

Organizations and Groups approved by the Catholic Dioceses of Honolulu *

Christian Churches and Groups

Individual clergy or religious wishing a private retreat – refer to Center Administrator. All other organizations and groups –refer to the Center Administrator. All new groups (Catholic or other- wise) must be interviewed by the Center Administrator before

arrangements for use of the facilities.

Making Reservations

Reservation requests are made to the Center office. Reservation forms are mailed to group contact person.

Step 1: Initial contact made for reservations (phone or e-mail)

Step 2: Registration forms sent-out OR introductory interview scheduled for new users.

Step 3: Complete reservation form returned with non-refundable $200.00 deposit.

Step 4: A reservation is considered final upon YOUR receipt of guest copy of reservation form.

Step 5: Within two weeks of your retreat, the Retreat Center will contact guests about meals, room assignments etc.

Note: Cancelation of reservation one week to the retreat incurs a $50.00 – Cancellation fee and possible refusal for future retreats.

Room Assignments

St. Anthony Retreat Center assigns rooms and accommodations according to the number of retreatants and team members. The Center uses bedroom capacity in one building before opening use in another building. Groups are billed for the number of beds/rooms used for their retreat.

Care for Property

Retreatants are expected to keep furniture/beds as these are found in rooms and general spaces. Guests are asked not to move items from one room to another or one building to another. There is a $50.00 posted fee for moving furniture or beds.

All posters, signage, notes must be removed from walls, windows and doors. Placement of these signs must be with

Flowers are for all to enjoy

St. Anthony Retreat Center landscaping personnel take pride in keeping the grounds trimmed, clean and picture perfect.

Please leave flowers, vines and plants for everyone to enjoy.

Arrival and Departure

Groups may arrive at 7am on the day of the retreat and must leave by 4pm on the last day of the retreat. Any exception should be arranged with Center Administrator. The Day Rate is from 7am to 4pm.

Parking Areas

Groups are assigned parking areas. Groups are asked to designate team members to direct traffic and enforce parking rules. All fire lane markings must be maintained. In respect for other retreat groups, in/out traffic should be kept at a minimum.

During the Retreat

All groups are expected to maintain an atmosphere of si- lent reflection during their stay at the center. Individual walks and group conversations should be respectful of everyone’s need for quiet and solitude. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be on vibrate.


Final meal count is submitted at least two weeks prior to the groups’ retreat. Groups requesting special menu selection should plan to contact SARC at least three weeks prior to reservations. The standard meal service time is: 8:00am for breakfast; 12 noon for Lunch; and 5:30pm for Dinner.

Group planning to prepare their own meals should check with St. Anthony Retreat Center regarding food item drop- off times.

Smoke Free and Grilling Free

Most buildings on the Retreat Center grounds are wooden structures. Cigarette and cigar smoking is prohibited in ALL BUILDINGS, PORCHES AND WALKWAYS.  There is a designated smoking area in the “Historic Area” and the entrance bridge is the designated smoking area for “Heritage Circle” Grilling steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers must have prior approval. Grilling is 35 feet from ANY building. Retreatants are expected to water down and clear grilling area of charcoal, ashes etc.

Selling of Group Merchandise and Religious Articles

Groups are permitted to sell group merchandise or religious articles with prior authorization from St. Anthony Retreat Center. All sales must be within buildings and not on porches, steps or outdoor areas.